How I ended my addiction to YouTube

This is what you see when you logon to

Videos of different genre are sorted and showcased which are compiled using various algorithms that study your behaviour online like what you see, what you read, which websites you visit often, what are your mostly used keywords, etc. Sometimes it can be very compelling to watch one of these videos and then you start watching one video after another for hours which eats away your precious productive hours.

Just using one of the popular adblocker browser extension, I am able to change that into this…

Yes, a blank YouTube page with only a search field. This way I don’t see those distracting videos and I only search for those content which are on my mind.

So, let’s see how can you do this and save yourself from distracting videos.

The adblocker that I currently use is uBlock Origin — uBlock Origin — Microsoft Edge Addons

This is also available on Chrome Web Store for Chrome browsers.

After downloading and installing, click on the adblocker icon beside the address bar of your browser and then click on the picker marked in red box below.

After clicking, you will notice that as you move your mouse pointer around on your screen, it will start to highlight parts of the webpage in red box overlay. This is used to block something on the page the next time it reloads.

When you know what to block then click on it and in the next step, click on Create shown below then it will get hidden.

Likewise, you can start blocking other elements as well like hiding the left pane.

Now you have blocked all distracting elements on the home page. Now open any random video using the search bar. Here, using similar steps we will block the right pane which shows related videos.

Sometimes, anything can go wrong with selecting elements on the webpage which may result in video itself getting hidden. For this, all you have to do is click on the extension icon again and click on three gears icon.

In My Filters tab, delete the line which you think is causing the video to get hidden or start over.

Scroll down to hide the comments section using above steps. You may not want to read others’ comment while you are trying to focus on something very important.

Maybe, even blocking the channel’s info and description so you know what you need to focus on! (optional)

And finally blocking some useless information. (optional)

In the end, this is how your homepage will look like…

and this is how any video player page will be…

So you can just focus on content and nothing else.


If you are using any android phone, install open source app called NewPipe if you want all the premium features of YouTube app without paying anything. On NewPipe, you won’t be bugged with intrusive ads.

Download: Releases · TeamNewPipe/NewPipe (

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Check out my another article on how to toggle Dark/ Light mode using hotkey combinations:



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